Commercial law, international contracts

Commercial law, international contracts

(Commercial law international contracts)

We work with our customers on all pre-litigation and contentious issues related to contracts, particularly international, which they wish to draw up or which they are confronted with.
✓ Pre-litigation phase
- Advice on business strategy and the applicability of free trade agreements
- Audit, advice, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts (equipment purchase or sale contract, service provision contract, partnership contract, supply contract, general sales conditions, sale of goodwill, etc.)
- Audit, advice, negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and lease assignment
- Advice on intellectual property law issues
- Audit of issues related to contractual and tort liability
✓ Litigation phase
✓ Support during amicable settlement and arbitration proceedings
- Management of disputes before state courts
- Procedures for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments


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