Abdel El-Ahdab

Professional experience

Professional Affiliations :
- President of the Arab Association for International Arbitration
- Honorary President of the Lebanese Arbitration Association
- Secretary General of the Euro-Arab Association for International Arbitration,
- Deputy Secretary General of the Union of Arab Arbitration Centers,

Member of :

- High Council of the Arbitration Center of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce,
- Board of Directors of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration,
- Association of lawyers registered with a foreign bar,
- International Bar Association,
- Association of Arab and African Arbitrators.

- The legal oil system in Saudi Arabia, in French, Beirut - 1979
- Maison du Liban, and in Arabic, Beirut - Naufal, 1982;
- Arbitration in Arab countries, in French, Paris - Economica, 1988; - Encyclopedia of arbitration, in Arabic, two volumes, Egypt - Dar Al Maaref, 1988.
- Arbitration with the Arab Countries, in English, Deventer - Kluwer, 1990;
- Arbitration, in Arabic, Paris - Naufal, 1990
Four volumes:
Volume I: Provisions and sources,
Volume II: Arbitration in Arab countries,
Volume III: International arbitration,
Volume IV: Documents on arbitration;

Admitted to practice

✓ Paris
✓ Beirut
✓ Ryad, Saudi Arabia


✓ Arabic
✓ French
✓ English