Notre structure

Notre présence en Europe, en Amérique du Nord, et au Moyen-Orient, et nos avocats tous dotés d’une double culture juridique, nous permet ainsi d’assurer une grande efficacité dans les affaires contentieuses et contractuelles transnationales et internationales.

The Weissberg firm, […] was higly responsive and effective throughout the process and, largely because of their efforts, we were successful in our endeavor. They provide excellent representation at reasonable rates. I would not hesitate to recommand its services.

Me Audrey Weissberg represented us in a very complex case of international heritage between USA, France and Italy which included estate matters and sale of real estate. Very professional, quick in replying, proactive, skilled in negotiation, her work was essential to solve our complicated case. Thanks to her we achieved our goals and in some cases exceeded our expectations! I strongly recommend Me Audrey Weissberg!!!

We are a brand of scented candles (French manufacture), and we used the cabinet lawyer Weissberg & Weissberg following the discovery of an infringement and identity theft of our brand on the French market.  Me Audrey Weissberg led this business with a masterful hand. Always available and attentive, very professional with a judicious and high quality expertise, she was able to advise us throughout the investigation, and to obtain success. I highly recommend this firm!

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