Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions

(Real estate transactions)

Our team assists you in setting up commercial or professional leases, real estate sales, as well as procedures for protecting your rights and foreclosures:

✓ Commercial and professional leases:
- Negotiation, revision and drafting of professional, commercial, and management lease contracts
- Procedures for terminating a lease and collecting rent
- Assistance during administrative procedures
- Management of litigation procedures

✓ Real estate sale:
- Negotiation, revision and drafting of sales promises and real estate sales contracts
- Audit of the contract with local and national regulations
- Procedures for dismembering the property (usufruct, easements)
- Assistance in obtaining the authorizations required to sell / buy
- Assistance during the procedure of registration of your rights (mortgages etc.)
- Representation in the event of disputes arising from the sale

✓ Real estate foreclosure:
- Management of foreclosure proceedings
- Taking charge of foreclosure-sale procedure
- Representation before the courts
- Representation at auction