Beyond the ethical principles that govern the profession of lawyer, we firmly believe in the following principles:

  1. Efficiency and success in handling cases require close cooperation between a lawyer and his client. This implies, on both sides, high availability and perfect information. It is therefore our rule to select the cases and to invest ourselves completely in them. Each lawyer entrusted with a case treats it personally with the assistance of the whole firm, but under direct and permanent control.
  2. Business must be conducted energetically, at a pace that allows our customers to confidently predict the outcome of the case and organize themselves accordingly. We consider that our services bring real added value to the business entrusted to us and we strive to process it without delay.
  3. We charge reasonable fees and no surprises, based on an hourly rate that takes into account:
    - the experience and qualification of the lawyer,
    - the complexity and importance of the files,
    - the values at stake and the results obtained.

With this in mind, each client can obtain a provisional budget, corresponding to the possible fees and the foreseeable costs and fees.

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