International mobility law

International mobility law

(International mobility law)

Our firm advises and assists employees and employers on international mobility issues (posting of employees abroad, the provision of personnel abroad or expatriation), in particular:
✓ Administrative procedures
- Determination of the permitted travel time and the appropriate immigration procedure (eg whether or not it is necessary to obtain a work permit or visa)
- Declarations and communication to various French and foreign social and tax authorities
- Actions related to administrative remedies available
✓ Social protection
- Determination and advice on the social protection scheme applicable to the employee
- Administrative support (declarations, request for submission to a new regime)
- Actions related to the protection of employees' social rights
✓ The employment contract
- Advice and review of international employment contracts as well as the local employment contract of the host country
- Negotiation of the international and local employment contract
✓ Tax component
- Determination and advice on the applicable tax system and the tax consequences for the employee

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